Saturday, 14 February 2015

OUTFIT: Valentine's Day

Ok, you all know what day it is. And you probably have your dates this evening. My plans for tonight seem to be all about pizza and some movies or games, as my fiance is at work. Wel there was an option of going with him and spending time in a screening room while watching a Fifty Shades premiere in our cinema, which I'd rather not. Nevertheless I've picked a very Valentine outfit. What you cannot see in the picture is that I'm wearing a grey tee with a big white heart on it, but it was quite cold in here, so I didn't dare to put off the jumper.

burgundy jumper, thrifted, 
red skirt, thrifted and refashioned (used to be dress), 
grey tights, off-brand, 
blackish boots, Sheego (wide calves, heyy!),
red purse, Top Secret, 
grey t-shirt, Fishbone, 
pinkish ring, New Yorker, 
necklace, off-brand

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